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But first, a few stelae - this first one is from my usual sandbox, next to the park in Hypatia. Although it is not in the Amazon land of Arietas itself, it's still labelled as the 'Amazon Sandbox' and has been unoccupied every time I've needed it. I had bought some fire dances from , and since the furniture it came with is rather expansive, I needed room to open things up.

While there, I noticed the pegasus beds I'd found in the sandbox once (I think I shared them quite a while ago, out of disbelief) up on the bluff overlooking the area:

Still there
Still there

The horribly tacky pegasus beds are, as it turns out, from a nearby sex-furniture shop. Very classical, very Amazonian. *sigh* (Actually, they're in Tritonis, but it's right next to Arietas and the park.)

Aside from the sheer size, would anybody ever actually buy something like this?? They're anatomically... evocative. Who would want giant stallion parts hanging over their heads when they lie down?

Practice Friday was a little different - I got to have company in my inactivity (it is so frustrating):

Spectators (1)
Spectators (1)

Dudeacious Oxide, Tonina, Jo and me in the stands at the practice field.
Spectators (2)
Spectators (2)

The 'boys' have at it while we watch and converse.

However, Saturday I found a way I can fight (not very well yet) that does not depend on my motivating spirit's 'difference engine' - that is the term Klaus uses - or my speed. I did not take pictures myself, but others did, including my host, Hotspur O'Toole. You can see me in a few of the pictures, and my name on the board. Colonel Exrex Somme coached adelphe Annechen and I, and she did very well. I... have a lot more practice to do.

Exrex (I must ask him about his name some time) is apparently with Legio XX, and asked me to show him around Roma some time. Good practice for me! I have all the notes from Præfectus Torin's file for Procurators that I can use as a guide - and it will help me answer questions better.

I want to try the ice skating, too.


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