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First, or of a greater priority to all, the Legio, my Roman sisters, are part of Roma Pro Vita, raising money for the Relay for Life. One of the events for this was a challenge ludus between the Legio as a whole and the Gladiator School. One of the Amazons (only one, sadly) participated! Here are the pictures I took of Centurio Jo fighting first, Brodbiz and second, Scooter. I think. (I can't remember their proper names, those Romans make things so complicated sometimes).

The second thing is more important just to me, but my adelphe are glad for me, too. Our sister Kara, she who is also called 'Supergirl', purchased a whole island for the Justice League Unlimited to use as a base after some recent upsets... and I have my own parcel there, and Kara raised me a little island all my own. I have built a shrine to Artemis, surrounded by plant sacred to her - cypress and amaranth - with a translucent roof so her chariot's light will always shine within.

Obviously this is dedicated to Artemis Phoebe. Since it is surrounded by water, I will also honour one of her aspects where she was depicted as half-fish, Artemis Eurunomê; her temple at Phiglea in Arcadia is said to also have been surrounded by cypresses. And Artemis Chitônê, for her guidance and protection when (and that is presuming I will become a member) I act as elder sister Donna... I mean, 'Wonder Girl', with the League. I need ikons.

(That is the House of El in the background with the glowing mist and crystal columns. Beyond that is the tiki bar, in the centre of the land.)


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