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First, or of a greater priority to all, the Legio, my Roman sisters, are part of Roma Pro Vita, raising money for the Relay for Life. One of the events for this was a challenge ludus between the Legio as a whole and the Gladiator School. One of the Amazons (only one, sadly) participated! Here are the pictures I took of Centurio Jo fighting first, Brodbiz and second, Scooter. I think. (I can't remember their proper names, those Romans make things so complicated sometimes).

The second thing is more important just to me, but my adelphe are glad for me, too. Our sister Kara, she who is also called 'Supergirl', purchased a whole island for the Justice League Unlimited to use as a base after some recent upsets... and I have my own parcel there, and Kara raised me a little island all my own. I have built a shrine to Artemis, surrounded by plant sacred to her - cypress and amaranth - with a translucent roof so her chariot's light will always shine within.

Obviously this is dedicated to Artemis Phoebe. Since it is surrounded by water, I will also honour one of her aspects where she was depicted as half-fish, Artemis Eurunomê; her temple at Phiglea in Arcadia is said to also have been surrounded by cypresses. And Artemis Chitônê, for her guidance and protection when (and that is presuming I will become a member) I act as elder sister Donna... I mean, 'Wonder Girl', with the League. I need ikons.

(That is the House of El in the background with the glowing mist and crystal columns. Beyond that is the tiki bar, in the centre of the land.)
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One of the male officers made this presentation of one of our training sessions. My sorors... ha, hybrid Latin... who are fighting are Popea, Jo and Nina (she's the senior Optio). I actually got to participate later - we couldn't get a Senator or Præfectus who was free, so since I am a Procurator and acolyte, changed back out of uniform and presented the 'winner' of the fighting with a sacred cup before the shrine of Ares Mars. That got left out, though. My motivating spirit says I must say I was 'left on the cutting room floor', although the surgery is two doors down from the shrine...
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But first, a few stelae - this first one is from my usual sandbox, next to the park in Hypatia. Although it is not in the Amazon land of Arietas itself, it's still labelled as the 'Amazon Sandbox' and has been unoccupied every time I've needed it. I had bought some fire dances from , and since the furniture it came with is rather expansive, I needed room to open things up.

While there, I noticed the pegasus beds I'd found in the sandbox once (I think I shared them quite a while ago, out of disbelief) up on the bluff overlooking the area:

Still there
Still there

The horribly tacky pegasus beds are, as it turns out, from a nearby sex-furniture shop. Very classical, very Amazonian. *sigh* (Actually, they're in Tritonis, but it's right next to Arietas and the park.)

Aside from the sheer size, would anybody ever actually buy something like this?? They're anatomically... evocative. Who would want giant stallion parts hanging over their heads when they lie down?

Practice Friday was a little different - I got to have company in my inactivity (it is so frustrating):

Spectators (1)
Spectators (1)

Dudeacious Oxide, Tonina, Jo and me in the stands at the practice field.
Spectators (2)
Spectators (2)

The 'boys' have at it while we watch and converse.

However, Saturday I found a way I can fight (not very well yet) that does not depend on my motivating spirit's 'difference engine' - that is the term Klaus uses - or my speed. I did not take pictures myself, but others did, including my host, Hotspur O'Toole. You can see me in a few of the pictures, and my name on the board. Colonel Exrex Somme coached adelphe Annechen and I, and she did very well. I... have a lot more practice to do.

Exrex (I must ask him about his name some time) is apparently with Legio XX, and asked me to show him around Roma some time. Good practice for me! I have all the notes from Præfectus Torin's file for Procurators that I can use as a guide - and it will help me answer questions better.

I want to try the ice skating, too.
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It's been weeks since the Legio encampment and I still haven't written it up. At least I got the stelae shared out with my... what's the Latin term, sorors?

I arrived late to the opening of the camp on Friday, August 17th. The Baron had been wandering around the Caledon Library, so when my sorors called me to join them, I had to rush him off so I could get changed into my uniform. The camp was so busy when I got there! New Amazons, Parisii, and some of the Legio regulars whom I hadn't met, including Francus, whose work the encampment largely was. One of the apparent locals amused me - she danced, and danced... one of my sisters even snapped at her to stop, but all she did was get dressed more appropriately for the camp (never pausing in the meantime).

I stayed up as late as I could, then lay down in one of the tents to sleep. When I got up, it was very very quiet, and largely remained that way for what seemed to me to be the majority of the weekends. I found out that part of the reason was that the gods had become displeased with this world, and had suffered afflictions upon it, causing the mere mortals to be unable to move about freely and suchlike. I didn't even see any Parisii anywhere within reach of my smaller map. It was a little lonely while I was the only one there. I couldn't even bring Prokris out to play (I didn't dare bring Oualos, he's too naughty with his determined wandering off) because of the permissions on the site.

Later that day, as the sun was setting, adelphe Spaciva called me to come stomp grapes with her. I was reluctant to abandon the camp, but it had been too quiet for me, so I followed her beacon and found myself stomping grapes in a large vat with a man and a sister wearing identification of a goddess. She was, however, not one of the goddesses I recognise on sight. I finally met one of the Getae - their druid, who was wearing Roman robes and title, stomped grapes in the next vat over. We stomped for a while, then hurried off uphill to a ceremony to Hæsphestus, but they called him 'Vulcan'. The volcano which looms over the practice fields loomed even closer this time, and rumbled and spat fireballs at us. After the ritual, there was feasting and dancing, but I went back to the camp for a while.

Oh, I meant to get this written down sooner - I'm forgetting things, like exactly when the ritual to Artemis Diana took place exactly; and the Roman trivia game afterwards (I had some answers correct, but was too slow - only got credit for two). The winner was a Proconsul and generously shared his prize with everybody present. Appropriate to the occasion, I donated it to the goddess and her priesthood, even if they call her by a funny name.

And when everybody suddenly showed up at the camp, started playing with our horses, and ended up not only giving Francus his own steed but making a parade through the streets of Paris to the Arc d'Triomphe and back. All Amazons, except for Francus!

Sunday, I'm sure about - Francus and some of the others put out a call for everyone possible to show up, and we skirmished. Amazons and the lone Getae warrior versus the mixed bag of regulars, classiari and equites. I found I cannot fight adequately, which made me frustrated, sad and annoyed altogether. I'm just not fast enough, I can't see my opponents' attacks. I finally sheathed my sword and went off to look at the ranch which provided warhorses my sisters ride, as my handsome riding horse Hecate seems quite insubstantial compared to these muscular beasts of theirs. There's something to be said of a horse bred for a task, and as a benefit, the Baron can use the horse as his saddle horse - he's a very large man, they will match in scale.

(Baron Klaus eventually picked out a Percheron, all dapple-grey and huge; it will be like riding that Trojan Horse in the histories. He's a stallion, and doesn't have a name yet.)

The camp had emptied out while I was gone; not long after that, Francus closed the camp and took down his part of the furnishings. He hardly left his new horse's back, incidentally, since he first mounted. I sat around on either Hecate or my pegasus as well as he worked. Finally, the land was bare and we left for Roma, where we wandered around the market talking to our comrades and friends. It was a relief to get out of that armour, I can tell you, having been in it almost continuously for three days! I didn't even bother putting sandals back on - my feet are tough, and the market area is well-paved. I met a pair of children, incredibly energetic, who were related to the Queen of the Getae somehow. I came up to her talking to Francus, but she had to leave before I could really talk to her. The children ran around and around; they said their father was a god, but didn't say who; the girl admired my Bracelets of Submission. They started begging for wine, but Francus was quite stern with them. They also suggested I should go to the Baths with him! Strange ideas they came up with.

Finally I left for a well-deserved rest. It was quite an event. :)

The images of the encampment (and grape-stomping) are here.
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The Legio XIII are holding a re-enactment camp in Paris 1900, apparently on the grounds of the Moulin Rouge (although it seems ever so spacious).

I didn't get to spend much time there today, but I hope to have more pictures before the camp is struck. At least, while I'm not being re-killed some more.

Here's the first two:

I didn't get any, unfortunately, when everybody decided to become a mounted unit and there were horses kicking up dust everywhere *coughcough*.
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Quoting the Præfectus of the Roma Legio XIII:

Promotions in Auxiliary Amazon unit

Melanippe Karas - Immunus


IMMUNES AND PRINCIPALES (5 of each): Have the duty to teach the recruits how to behave in the Legio, how to fit their armor, and how to fight using the combat system. They are directly in charge of the new recruits and must be obeyed by by them at all times. They must correct the behavior of members who are ignoring or disobeying the conduct rules. They must report all incidents (good or bad) to the upper ranks. They monitor the progress of the recruits and their attendance at training sessions.


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