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Not anything to do with the land Aquaman has ruled over, or that of Lori Lemaris, but instead the land next to Hypatia Park. An unsettling thing happened to me earlier while I was trying to find the Amazon Sandbox, which has been very quiet the few times I've been by, so I could do some body modification in modest privacy (go ahead, laugh if you want to).

I checked the location on the map, took off flying, and watched my progress on the big map to see if I could navigate at the same time (I could). I watched my dot approach the Tritonis Mall, since I believed the sandbox to be in the crook of the bay between it and the park boundaries... overfly the mall, corrected to my right... keep going over the mall... erm... over the land boundaries and keep going... what?

I closed the map to find myself flying in limbo, and making darn good progress at it. I was able to pivot my camera around without even using the usual controls, and got a rather nice photo of me - just as I got logged out.

Freak occurrance, right? Servers having problems, etc.etc.etc.

Logged in. World splashed with grey paint for rather longer than normal. Tried again. Swoosh, off into limbo.

OK, this time I'll walk. I got to the edge of the parkland, right by the metal sea-serpent. Map looks normal. Mini-map shows... a blank area. Hmmm. I strode forward boldly, fell off a sea cliff that wasn't there before onto a sandy bottom, kept walking no matter what keys were pressed... sank through the sandy bottom and started falling down away from my camera, still striding confidently... getting smaller and smaller and....

I logged me off that time. Creepy. Very creepy.

I wonder where I'll be when I try again.

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