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by Raymond A. Foss

(This is for Clio - M.)

Expectantly, asking where she was
She was eight, at that point, in that year
my long-dead ancestor
alive again in this child
running in the yard
with the other players
on this tiny stage set
Reflecting history
that was, in our past
a slice of time, our common struggle
to form this place
free to worship
as conscience dictates
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by William Carlos Williams, 1913

(This one is for Urania - M.)

The Archer is wake!
The Swan is flying!
Gold against blue
An Arrow is lying.
There is hunting in heaven--
Sleep safe till to-morrow.

The Bears are abroad!
The Eagle is screaming!
Gold against blue
Their eyes are gleaming!
Sleep safe till to-morrow.

The Sisters lie
With their arms intertwining;
Gold against blue
Their hair is shining!
The Serpent writhes!
Orion is listening!
Gold against blue
His sword is glistening!
There is hunting in heaven--
Sleep safe till to-morrow.
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by Mike Essig
They really are a hard group to work for. No dental insurance either. Cheap hussies.

Well hello, sweet Muses.
How nice of you to drop by
at four in the morning.

Let me make you some tea.

How are you all today?

Oh, I forgot for a moment
that you are goddesses
and are always
exactly as you should be.

I'm fine except my sleep
has become oddly contrary.

But you all know that and more.

You are the magic that
stirs my dreams until
I give up and get up.

You betray me to nightmares,
insomnia, memories and poems
that could certainly wait
for morning if you so desired.

And where have you all been?

For three years, you've been gone
and I have been left mute.

Such fickle bitches you are,
only bestowing your favors
according to your whims.

But we have all, back to Homer,
known how unfaithful you can be.

Now you've returned and I can't sleep.

You know I'm not so young
as the last time you visited.

I need a little rest occasionally,
but you are working me to death
as if no time at all has passed.

There should be a union for poets.

Of course, I will do your bidding as usual.

Calliope, Clio, Euterpe,
Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore,
Polyhymnia and sweet demanding Erato.

It's nice to see you all again,
all so lovely and immortal,

but please remember I am only a man
and a man can only take so much.

So please, try not to show up before 8 AM.

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First, or of a greater priority to all, the Legio, my Roman sisters, are part of Roma Pro Vita, raising money for the Relay for Life. One of the events for this was a challenge ludus between the Legio as a whole and the Gladiator School. One of the Amazons (only one, sadly) participated! Here are the pictures I took of Centurio Jo fighting first, Brodbiz and second, Scooter. I think. (I can't remember their proper names, those Romans make things so complicated sometimes).

The second thing is more important just to me, but my adelphe are glad for me, too. Our sister Kara, she who is also called 'Supergirl', purchased a whole island for the Justice League Unlimited to use as a base after some recent upsets... and I have my own parcel there, and Kara raised me a little island all my own. I have built a shrine to Artemis, surrounded by plant sacred to her - cypress and amaranth - with a translucent roof so her chariot's light will always shine within.

Obviously this is dedicated to Artemis Phoebe. Since it is surrounded by water, I will also honour one of her aspects where she was depicted as half-fish, Artemis Eurunomê; her temple at Phiglea in Arcadia is said to also have been surrounded by cypresses. And Artemis Chitônê, for her guidance and protection when (and that is presuming I will become a member) I act as elder sister Donna... I mean, 'Wonder Girl', with the League. I need ikons.

(That is the House of El in the background with the glowing mist and crystal columns. Beyond that is the tiki bar, in the centre of the land.)
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'Implied slavery' has nothing to do with my promotion to Optio that I neglected to note here - it's been so busy! Nor with my acceptance into the Collegio as an acolyte (although every Amazon is a sort of lay priestess anyway, isn't she). It rather has to do with himations. Veils and pallas. Over-clothing, whatever name you might wish to use.

The priestesses, unsurprisingly, wear veils, thin draperies over the head and sometimes over the face. It is a symbol of the mysteries they encounter, and their separateness from the material world. However, finding decently-made veils, never mind proper wrappings, is another matter. The High Priestess gave me some notes, one of which was for a place called 'Black Rose'. After the frustration of looking through a slow-loading vendor of togas and such that I did not find... suitable... I returned to Black Rose at least in hopes of a head-drapery for formal occasions. I have my wolfskin mantle, a gift from one of the Legio brethren, to keep the chill off my shoulders at least.

Veils. Face-veils. Veils to wear while one's body is displayed like on a butcher's table, sectioned up into gobbets of lustful desire while the face is hidden away, being of no importance to male lust. Women in chains, women in ropes, women whose 'clothing' was intended to sell wares and hide personalities. Parodies of Amazons, wearing 'armour' that consisted of a few scraps of metal useless for protection while the most vulnerable areas are exposed - no, displayed.

My blood was boiling by the time I finished looking. I would have set fire to the place had I a torch at hand.
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I will be so glad when I can have myself to myself again, and Klaus is his own man. He is tired of being called 'Miss Karas', too. November 4th is not close enough. I couldn't even finish this note without being interrupted!

There are stelae I haven't properly shared yet, and news. You can see me helping my brother's... what is the right word, polemarchos? Taxiarchos? Those are military terms, they are not quite right. Boithos? Archon, perhaps. Anyway, the adelphe's name is Annechen, and I went with her to buy her house. They have a little train at this place called 'Tin Teddy'. I'm starting to be very fond of the little trains, they amuse me.

I didn't get pictures of going to Oktoberfest with adelphe Alison - she's one of Klaus's neighbours. I was looking around the great house in Carntaigh in Caledon as a party was concluding, and found her just leaving. The Oktoberfest was very quiet for such a well-publicised event, but I found Greek dances there! Also a polka, which I heard made Annechen very happy. She likes things from her home here, but — who doesn't?

Speaking of which, I was visiting Kara's property - before she built her lovely house - and wandered around the island. I found Diana's Paradise Island annex! See me relaxing next to her pool? We finally had some time together, the epikleros and I, and she told me her plans for us in this realm. It might be a long time coming, but she has vision a princess should have for her people.

Ah, what else.... I finally got some pictures of myself in my own armour, not just the Roman uniform. I had to be rescued by the Caledonian adelphe Alexx when a strange sister speaking only Spanish showed up in the Consulate. I heard the princess showed up at Klaus's party, I thought that was nice (it would have been nicer if I'd been there to greet her). I showed a real adelphe who guards the forest around some lands in Winterfell. She said she was an Amazon, although I did not recognise her; perhaps she is from one of the mortal tribes I have not encountered.

And then there's this holy-day this past Wednesday, a cross-quarter to the equinox and solstice, where apparently you either dress up unusually, get drunk, or have reverent bonfire rituals. Or sometimes all three. Klaus 'wore' me as a costume to one of his events! And dressed as some character from an entertainment, to boot. At least she was a warrior. But then it got very strange, because I was there, but so was he, and my motivating spirit seemed to be speaking through and over both of us. At one point I faded out entirely, like I was asleep, and woke again to find my yellow costume ripped and somewhat bloody across the front, as if I had been attacked - but no wounds. And my pnevma was still dominant. It felt very strange, and I still don't know what actually happened.

And the news: Roma, where I am a member of their Legio until my sisters gather in enough numbers here, has expanded its lands! The training grounds are moving to the very northern coast of the new land; there will be a large harbour just for the classis - I saw three ships docked. There is a large mountain, taller than the dwelling of Haestphestus in the suburba I think, and much free water through the land I could see quickly. Some of my Legio sisters led me there, and I found they have been gifted with the gods with flight as I have! That was as much of a surprise as the new lands. I must tell my new friend Telemachus - my brother has seen him in Caledon as a warrior of repute, but I met him at the sacrifice in honour of the Getae's change in status.


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