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I have finally been able to visit the sisters at the Embassy of the Feminine Empire of Aristasia. I had met them when some of the 'pettes' had been visiting Roma, during the big anniversary festivals and the opening of Transtiberum, although I had heard of Aristasia beforehand, and had spoken briefly to... their style of address is 'Miss Sushuri Madonna', title then given name then family name, unlike the Romans I am around so often.

Several of the sisters are having problems with their aetheric engines, so I volunteered to take some pictures before I had to let Klaus reacquire our spirit (grumble):

The Aristasian adelphe dancing )

Our Princess seems to be well-taken with our sisters from distant lands; one of my other Themiscyran sisters was even attending the party in a reincarnate form! Such a pleasant surprise! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of her in her party clothes.

I made a suggestion to Miss Cecile, one of the elder-sisters in this realm, I believe; since we are of like minds, and Princess Diana and Kara/Karrie both have fallen in with the White Roses most happily, we might consider sharing the expense of a hestia - what the Aristasians call, most sensibly, a homeland of their own. Our own. We could split an island stylistically, but not geographically, and have plenty of room for all of us... and make it financially easier to become a reality in this Second Life. I must send a messenger to Diana with the thought.

If only 17 adelphe could manage... what, L$26,500 each...? Yes, it's a lot, but it's a goal to set....


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