Nov. 28th, 2009

hola_melanippe: (Shield of Themiscyra)
Pages 46-47 of this particular version:

Turn towards the rising sun and traverse plains
That have not felt the plough ; thus shalt thou reach
The nomade tribes of Scythia, who, sublime,
Inhabit wicker dwellings, raised upon
The rolling wheels of chariots, armed with bows
Potent to send the feathered shaft afar:
— Approach not them, but pass their territory
On the resounding shore, which closely keep!
The Chalybes upon thy left reside,
A savage and inhospitable race.
Who temper the rude iron — these avoid!
Thus shalt thou reach the stream, not falsely named
Hybristes, haughty river ; nor mayst thou
Attempt its tide, that does not easily
Afford a passage, until at the foot
Of Caucasus, the highest mountain ridge,
Thou stand, from whose imposing summit, down
The river vehemently breathes its rage;
Ascending its bare top, that rises high
In neighbourhood of the stars, thou must attain
Beyond, a southern path, and gain the land
Of man-detesting, warlike Amazons,
Inhabitants of Themiscyra's plain,
Upon the bank of Thermodon, where opes
Rude Salmydesia her dread jaws marine,
Hateful to seamen, with a step-dame's care
Their shattered barks protecting.
Readily The Amazons will guide thee on thy way.
Next the Cimmerian isthmus thou shalt reach,
And narrowing portals of the ocean-lake:
Leaving the shore, with resolute heart, thou must
Pass the Mæotic strait, and in the world
Thy passage shall be celebrated ever,
And the surname of Bosphorus be given,
Commemorative of the deed.


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