Jan. 8th, 2008

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'Implied slavery' has nothing to do with my promotion to Optio that I neglected to note here - it's been so busy! Nor with my acceptance into the Collegio as an acolyte (although every Amazon is a sort of lay priestess anyway, isn't she). It rather has to do with himations. Veils and pallas. Over-clothing, whatever name you might wish to use.

The priestesses, unsurprisingly, wear veils, thin draperies over the head and sometimes over the face. It is a symbol of the mysteries they encounter, and their separateness from the material world. However, finding decently-made veils, never mind proper wrappings, is another matter. The High Priestess gave me some notes, one of which was for a place called 'Black Rose'. After the frustration of looking through a slow-loading vendor of togas and such that I did not find... suitable... I returned to Black Rose at least in hopes of a head-drapery for formal occasions. I have my wolfskin mantle, a gift from one of the Legio brethren, to keep the chill off my shoulders at least.

Veils. Face-veils. Veils to wear while one's body is displayed like on a butcher's table, sectioned up into gobbets of lustful desire while the face is hidden away, being of no importance to male lust. Women in chains, women in ropes, women whose 'clothing' was intended to sell wares and hide personalities. Parodies of Amazons, wearing 'armour' that consisted of a few scraps of metal useless for protection while the most vulnerable areas are exposed - no, displayed.

My blood was boiling by the time I finished looking. I would have set fire to the place had I a torch at hand.


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