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The Veneralia was the Festival of Venus, honoured in Her aspect as Venus Verticordia, "The Changer of Hearts". This festival was primarily to petition Venus for support and aid in one's love-life.

After the rite, Venus invites you to Her romantic al fresco (all'aperto) banquet, where we'll share food and have readings of love poetry as well...

Did you know that Google produces no useful results at all for 'Amazons' love poetry'?

To be more precise: amazons love poetry -site:amazon.com -site:amazon.co.uk -site:amazon.* -site:pinterest.*


I did find a few things to save here, though:

To the Amazons at EpĂ­dauros
From Greek Wayfarers, and Other Poems
by Edwina Stanton Babcock

Ride, Amazons, ride!
Militant women, carelss of tunic and limb;
Sinuous torsos, naked legs boy-like and pressed
Close to the warm horse's flank, while the wild battle-hymn
Fixes the eyes with the far-reaching look of the quest;
Caring no more for the places of mother and bride;
Ride, Amazons, ride!

Ride, Amazons, ride!
Arrow-swift warriors galloping over the plain,
Feverish, urged ever onward with furious rage;
War-fretted golden-hair tangled with wind-fretted mane;
One-breasted heroines, vigorous, quick to engage,
Hot with the vigor of pulsating, vehement pride—
Ride, Amazons, ride!

Ride, Amazons, ride!
Penthesilèa falls by Achilles' drawn bow.
Fell she, the Queen, by the white tents of bold Priam's side?
Leaderless women, on to the battle ye go—
Plunging on, speeding on; galloping Vengeance, astride
Horses that feel ye victorious, with gods allied—
Ride, Amazons, ride!

Ride, Amazons, ride!
Fearless stone-women, ardent and flushed with the race,
Gleaming like swords, ruthless of body and breast;
Nothing shall utterly quell ye, nor wholly deface,
Ye shall ride onward forever, on ultimate quest.
Spirited! Splendid! Time shall not turn ye aside.
Ride, Amazons, ride!

46 The Modern Day Amazon
A Third Point of View in Poetry
by Danielle Joy Golding

The lady with breast cancer
who has her breast removed
could well be an Amazon

We don't know she isn't a
modern day Amazon
that wonderful tribe of women
who removed a breast
so they could be archers

The removal of the breast
leaving the cancer victim
looking like an Amazon

What social archery do they pursue?
What warrioresses are they?
The removal of the breast
they look like Amazons

Either breast removed
the Amazons did this too
a long time ago
in ancient history

The old warrior
the female Amazon
whose custom was
to remove a breast

These women who have had a breast removed
must fight the modern feminist cause
breastless like an Amazon

The fight of the Amazon tribe
the modern fight of the feminist
the Amazons were a warrior tribe
that fought to exist,
so might the feminist

Although not all cancer victims
are feminists
feminists have a cause to fight too

Amazons and feminists
the Amazon female tribe
with a breast removed
to facilitate their fighting
to be an archer
they removed a breast
the cancer victim is also breastless

So, the modern day Amazon
are what these cancer victims remind me of
Is there, a modern tribe of women?

Or just feminists with
their universal sisters in arms?

Are feminists a tribe,
in the modern sense?
They fight together
as the Amazons fought the same

The code of the Amazon
breast removed
cancer victims with removed breasts

The social fight of the feminist
and the female tribe of Amazons
how alike they are
Pressing for female rights
the Amazons existed
in their own right
they were independent females
usually, now, the fight about
being female is for the feminists
If there were modern day Amazons
they would still be a tribe of females
and all feminists

Female supremacy, the Amazons
they are mythic and fabled
and still inspiring
If only in today's world
we had the strength of the Amazons
Amazons in modern society,
breastless warriors

The cancer victim
may as well
try strapping archery equipment
to her removed breast
The modern day Amazon
her code of the removed breast

The feminist, the cancer victim
and the Amazon, all united
in modern society
females dominating society
independent of men

Modern females,
and modern society
and a female tribe
They were unique back then
but at least their ideals existed
How long will the female still be dominated?

The inspiration of the Amazons
naturally this occurred in history
What modern day phenomenon
would equal this?
Will we see something similar?

Hark, the Amazons have come again.

...and then there was this book of an epic poem with a 20th century woman facing cancer, and a Scythian girl facing the invading Greeks, but that was not aetheric, merely listed for sale.
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